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We welcome you to join our mission-driven association. If you are interested, please complete the electronic membership form below. The association will be in touch with you.


  • Recommended by existing members 由现有成员推荐

  • 18+ years (*If less than 18 years old, parental consent is required) 18岁以上(*小过18岁需征询父母同意)

Associate Member Application Form

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Part 2: Declaration 第二部分: 声明
1. I declare that the information provided by me in this membership application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge as at the time of submission. I accept that if any information given by me in this application is in any way false or incorrect, my application may be rejected. 本人谨此声明,此入会申请表上所提供的资料均真实无误。如在申请表中所提供的资料有任何虚假或不正 确之处,本人的申请会被拒绝。 2. I hereby give my consent for Lapis Lazuli Cultural Association (herein refer to “LLCA”) to obtain and verify information from or with any source, as you may deem appropriate for the assessment of my membership application. 净琉璃文化协会(以下简称“LLCA”)从其它渠道评估我的入会申请,获取 并核实我的个人信息。 3. I agree to abide and be bound by the terms and conditions relating to membership and will observe all rules and regulation set in the Constitution of LLCA as may from time to time be in force. 本人同意遵守与协会有关的条款及细则,并将遵守本会章程中随时生效的各项规定及细则。
Part 3: Personal Data and Protection Acts (PDPA) 第三部分: 个人信息保护条例
1. I consent to my personal data being collected, used and retained by LLCA for the purpose of evaluating, processing and managing my membership with LLCA. 本人同意 LLCA 收集、使用和保留我的个人资料用于评估、处理和管理我在 LLCA 的会员资格。 2. I acknowledge that the collection, use and/or disclose of my personal data is for the purpose of fulfilling, servicing and managing my membership. 本人完全明白收集、使用以及披露我的个人资料是为了履行、服务及管理我的会员资格。 3. I further consent to be notified by LLCA on news, benefits, program, events, and privileges pertaining to LLCA via email, text messages, mails and/or phone calls. 本人同意 LLCA 可以通过电子邮件、短信、邮件以及电话通知我有关 LLCA 的新闻、福利、项目、活动和特权。