Heal the World

Discovering ancient classical wisdom for use in today’s times for the benefit of the world.

Our Mission

The Lapis Lazuli Cultural Association was established with the intention to excavate the ancient Eastern classics, to innovate and disseminate wisdom mined from those classic, in order to purify the hearts of people and to promote the healthy and harmonious development of the world.

The Lapis Lazuli Cultural Association will focus on the ancient classics’ preservation, translation, cultural creativity, innovative dissemination, education, cultural exchanges, exhibitions, ceremonies and practical guidance, in order to better serve the current generation, enabling people in the Internet era to appreciate these ancient classics, integrating the classics into their lives and helping everyone achieve success.



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Upcoming Event

2024 Healing the World, Dr. Blue|Wishing Jewel • Joyful Effort Retreat

2024 疗愈世界·满愿宝·精进营

Find out the obstacles and face them. Do not hide away from your adversities. Let’s overcome together and enhance your momentum towards your goal. Medicine Buddha will be always alongside you to overcome the challenges ahead.

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